Aria Draggie ID by Jessica Headley


Here is a cute little dragon busy on her computer, which is what I was doing all night as well!  This is Aria Draggie ID by American deviantartist Jessica Headley, posting as Aria-Siaosi.  This is a picture Jessica created to be her own avatar back in 2009.

I had a quick change of plans tonight, since today is supposed to be my weekly Writing Thoughts post, and I found a great quote.  However, as I was composing the post after work, I just kept writing, and writing, and writing!  And now it’s over 1500 words and not even quite done, so I’m going to finish and revise tomorrow, and I’ll publish it then.

I’ve shared Jessica’s art before, back during the April AtoZ Challenge and her Oceans of Life Dragon, from her alternate account ShadowedLight.  Here’s another, darker image called Destructive, what Jessica says represents her own self-destructive thoughts:


And finally, here’s one last epic dragon from Jessica called Heavy Metal King, and then that will do it for me tonight.


Come back tomorrow to check out a post that got a bit more personal than I originally intended about my own writing, or really lack thereof lately.  Thanks for reading, stay creative!

Image credits:
Aria Draggie ID by Jessica Headley

Destructive by Jessica Headley
Heavy Metal King by Jessica Headley

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