Copper Dragon by jobsclubna*, and proper attribution to Sandara

Copper Dragon by jobsclubna

Today’s dragon is really one of the best pieces of artwork you will come across when you do a simple Google Image search for “Copper Dragon,” but as is often the case with amazing artwork on the web, it’s all over the “free HD wallpaper” websites and elsewhere with absolutely no artist attribution.

Lack of attribution, or just saying that the image was found from “Google Images,” really annoys me and is one of my biggest pet peeves.  Even  when I try to backtrace the image, as I always do, it just leads in circular routes to other wallpaper sites and to Pintrest, and there’s nary an attribution to be found.


Sometimes the name of the image file or caption on a site reveals a glimmer of artist information, and at this Pintrest site, the Pinner titled this “Copper Dragon | By jobsclubna.”  Jobsclubna, I thought, okay well that’s a unique handle, and a place to start!  But sadly, Googling that name didn’t lead me anywhere either.  And I can’t even be sure that’s the correct attribution anyway.

So I’m sharing it with the asterisk, and I hope that if anyone ever sees anything on my site that’s misattributed, they’ll let me know so I can quickly update and fix it.  My goal for this site, besides to share my own writing, is to showcase amazingly talented artists, always with the proper attribution.  I’ve made it my practice not to share even awesome dragon pictures like this until I can better source the image, but I had two reasons for sharing this copper dragon today.

The first is that my husband and my seventh wedding anniversary coming up soon, and when I looked up traditional wedding gifts, Wikipedia says it’s the Copper anniversary.  (Or it’s wool, or the “modern” list says it’s desk sets…  yes, desk sets… but I decided to go with copper.)  So, that was the main reason for looking for a copper dragon, and this one is really neat.

But I’m also going to take this opportunity to fix an old post, from way back when I started this blog at the beginning of the year, in the days before I was trying to be careful with my image attribution.


Back on February 22, 2016, I had nothing prepared and was scrambling to get something posted before my midnight deadline, so I just searched for “dragon” and found this great piece.  It was also from one of those “free wallpaper” websites, but I didn’t “have” the time (really “take” the time) to backtrace it, so I just posted this under the title Chinese Dragon, artist unknown.

Well, now it’s five months later, and I’ve looked through hundreds more dragon pictures by at least that many artists for this blog, and I did run across this image in the deviantart gallery of the original artist.  This image is actually called River by Singaporean deviantartist Sandara — and despite her wonderful talent and prolific gallery, that’s the only name she gives.

If you’d like to see more of her images be sure to check out her gallery, but I’m currently preparing a bunch of advance posts for while I’m on vacation at the end of this month, and I plan to showcase Sandara again during that time, so stay tuned.  You can also purchase prints and accessories featuring Sandara’s art at her Society6 shop.

Thanks for reading and allowing me to make this correction, take care, and stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Copper Dragon by jobsclubna, from this Pintrest site

Annoyed Usagi (Sailor Moon) gif from giphy
River by Sandara

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