Unleashed Imagination by Enkel Dika

Unleashed Imagination by Enkel Dika

Here is Unleashed Imagination by artist Enkel Dika.  I’m running super late again, so this initial post is super short.  Sorry! 🙂

Okay, I’m cheating and I know it, but I had to take a few minutes after midnight (and after posting just the picture with the artist credit before midnight, so it counts, dangit!) to let you all know that I really love this picture that I just found, and that it’s perfect for today.

I got the Discover Challenge writing prompt this afternoon, and it really sparked something for the Neeka Story that I’ve taken the time to examine and at least partially work out, so I expect to have a pretty great chapter to post tomorrow later today on Wednesday! 🙂

I was so focused on figuring that out that I nearly forgot to post a regular dragon for today, but luckily I found this great artwork by Enkel Dika on Flickr, and I got it up in time.  He has some other wonderful art on his gallery site that I highly recommend you check out, but as I always say about artists I come across and just adore, I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of his work soon.

Goodnight everyone, stay creative — unleash your imagination! 🙂

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