Sunset Dragon by Ciruelo Cabral

Ciruelo Cabral - Sunset Dragon~2

Lovely painting called Sunset Dragon by professional artist Ciruelo Cabral.  I’ve only just discovered him, so look for more of his work in future posts!  Speaking of work, I think I should get back to mine.  Here’s a picture of Ciruelo painting to help you motivate yourself to work on whatever you’re putting off as well!  Stay creative!

Ciruelo Cabral - Painting

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One thought on “Sunset Dragon by Ciruelo Cabral

  1. I’m loving the white dragon. Fantastic. I like all albino animals because they are so unique. Very cool. It puts me in the mind of Rivendell, from the Lord of the Rings. Everything there was white, gold, and ethereal. Thanks for sharing!


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