Dragons in Stained Glass by Various Artists, the Sagrada Board Game, and a Stained Glass Dalek!


There’s a lot to get to in this post, so jumping right to the art, this first is The Story Glass by American professional artist Sarrah Wilkinson, posting as Nightlyre.  She has more great work to be found in her dragon-filled gallery, and you can also check out her website Red Nebula Studios and her Etsy Store.  About the above piece, she says:

I’ve been fascinated by the big rose windows in cathedrals for ages, and thought I’d try my hand at a fantasy one… digitally, of course. I don’t quite have the skill set to do this as an actual stained glass piece! … This is related to an elven creation myth, and creatures which are in some way special to their culture.

So last weekend my husband and I attended an awesome board game convention here in Minneapolis called Con of the North, where we demoed and played so many games, including one by Leder Games called Vast: The Crystal Caverns, where everyone plays a different character with a different end goal.  I got to be the dragon just trying to escape the mean adventurer trying to kill me!  Check it out at that link.


But my absolute favorite was the beautiful game by Floodgate Games called Sagrada, based on the stained glass rose windows of cathedrals.  I even bought the game because I loved it so much! They funded it through a super successful Kickstarter (they had a $24,000 goal, and raised $151,946!), and you can see gameplay videos and glowing reviews at that link.

The game is a little bit like Sudoku, and as my husband remarked, you will feel accomplished at just completing your window even if you don’t come out with the most points at the end.  (Just for the record though, I’ve handily won all seven games I’ve played so far, including two solitaire games.)  Floodgate has many other games they’re Kickstarting right now, if you want to get in on the ground floor of their next big hit!


Sagrada — A Game of Dice Drafting and Window Crafting for 1 to 4 players that plays in about 30 minutes. Carefully designed by Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu with graphic artistry by Peter Wocken.

Players will take turns drafting glass pieces, represented by dice; carefully choosing where to place each one in their window. Windows have unique color and shade requirements, and similar dice may never be adjacent so placing each die is more challenging than the last.

So my new favorite thing is what inspired me to share all these awesome dragons this week.  Up next is Crimson Dragon – Stained Glass by deviantartist Lance, posting as Belinofente.  He captions it, “A stained glass work I completed when my art teacher from high school had spare glass pieces her students weren’t using. I gladly took them and made this. Made by gluing the pieces to an existing 16×20 glass panel then filling in with grout.” I’m blown away by this amazing piece, and while he doesn’t have much of a gallery and doesn’t seem to have been active since 2012, I still had to share.


Next is a beautiful Stained Glass Dragon Window designed by American professional artist Melody Pena, posting as Reptangle, who calls herself a “sculptor that draws comics.”  With glass work by Bill Taylor and photo by Andrea Dillard, I adore this piece — I see an LGBTQ+ rainbow when I look at it, is that just me?  Even though this window is a whopping three feet long, I’d love to hang it in my house.  Check out her site at Windstone Editions and her gallery for more.


Then we have another gorgeous digital window called Shards of Fire by American deviantartist euclidstriangle.  They make a note, “Alternative titles considered: BBQ’s Ready, No Dwarves Allowed, Warm Welcomes, Chef’s Special, I Wanted It Well-Done, The New Oven Heats A Bit Unevenly.”  I think the title they went with is perfect!  You can find more of their dragons on Tumblr, and also check out their really cool gallery.


When I first found this design, I actually found it as this amazing cross stitched pattern called Shards of Fire (EuclidsTriangle) Glamour Shot by American professional artist and crafter Ashley Mae, posting as pinkythepink.  With permission of the original artist, she designed this pattern that you can purchase for yourself at her Etsy Store, and you can see more awesome images of this and other creations in Ashley’s stunning gallery.


Up next is another physical piece called Stained Glass Dragon by American deviantartist Katie Tasky, posting as bug-in-my-eye.  She calls the work on this not “necessarily hard, but tedious,” and I always marvel at how humble these artists can be!  I’d hang this one in my window as well.  Check out her pretty Tumblr and see some amazing jewelry, crafts, and art in her gallery.


And of course, when I found a Toothless Stained Glass by American deviantartists Jen, Patti, and Sara posting together as captivefancy, it was a given I’d share him, right?  These ladies have a great Etsy shop called CaptiveAura and a lovely gallery with more to see.


And while this next one’s not a dragon, when I found it, I knew I had to include it in this post…

This is an amazing Stained Glass Dalek, imagined by writer Mike Tucker for his Big Finish audio drama about the Sixth Doctor (voiced by Colin Baker himself) called Order of the Daleks.  The (digital) creation of this Dalek was championed by director Jamie Anderson and brought to life by designer Chris Thompson.  Read all the cool details at the director’s website!


And finally, coming full circle, as it were… 😉  Here’s Galain, the Desert Wyrm by American deviantartist Melissa, posting as meridianskies.  I love her deviant tagline — “It was on fire when I got here.”  LOL!  She says Galain is an old RPG character of hers, here in both man and dragon form.  Check out another of her beautiful stained glass pieces here, her Tumblr, and the rest of her gallery for more amazing art.


Okay, so I caught up again, that’s something, right?  But I’ll admit it’s been a struggle these first two months of 2018, my dear readers.  Looking at my calendar, I’ve only actually been on time with my “weekly” posts three times out of eight entries — and that’s counting this one!  Ugh.

So I’ll have a new Writing Thoughts post out next week, where I’ll lay out my plans for the rest of the year — including ideas for the daunting April AtoZ Challenge coming up, and a way to work in actually writing my novel Finding Dragons this year instead of blogging full-time.

Don’t worry — I’ll still be sharing dragons!  I just may have to cut back on how much art I share with you each month.  Stay tuned for more details!

Thank you as always for reading.  I’m really honored that so many people come to see the dragons and artists I love featuring on this site, and I appreciate all of my long-time followers, and those new to my site as well.  See you soon, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
The Story Glass by Sarrah Wilkinson, posting as Nightlyre  
+ Images from Sagrada by Floodgate Games from their Kickstarter page  
Crimson Dragon – Stained Glass by Belinofente  
Stained Glass Dragon Window designed by Melody Pena, posting as Reptangle, with glass work by Bill Taylor and photo by Andrea Dillard  
Shards of Fire by euclidstriangle  
Shards of Fire (EuclidsTriangle) Glamour Shot by Ashley Mae, posting as pinkythepink  
Stained Glass Dragon Complete byKatie Tasky, posting as bug-in-my-eye  
Toothless Stained Glass by captivefancy  
Stained Glass Dalek imagined by writer Mike Tucker for Order of the Daleks and created by Chris Thompson  
Galain, the Desert Wyrm by meridianskies  

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